Artist: Ozze
Title: Bend The Rules EP
Label: Deep Focus
By: Nick Williams | 8 May 2007
  • 1. Bend The Rules
  • 2. Something Is Missing

Ozze "Bend The Rules EP"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Özgür Can is a man of many sounds, and for his second release on Deep Focus he shows a distinctive Detroit-like sound that can really only be described as a melding of driving tech house with Özgür's signature atmospheres and percussion. Having been shown the limelight for the last three years, releasing music on the labels of some of the biggest names in dance music, Özgür delves slightly from his usual fare for this release, and for the case of the 'Bend The Rules EP', it's a welcome change at that.

'Bend The Rules' slams you right from the first beat with sizzling percussion and a funked out groove that comes across with a lot of versatility for the dancefloor. The mood is lightened early on with airy stabs, but that does not continue for very long, as a round electro bassline comes in with a crash, launching us into a hard jackin' groove that would even get the diehard Detroit heads to throw their hands to the sky. Hard beats and a cool, circling airy atmosphere create a great contrast that allows you to raise the energy level of your floor without breaking a sweat.

'Something Is Missing' shows us a heavily compressed snappy kick with hard, industrial percussive elements. Bursts of noise and gated effects create an interesting vibe to the track and as the swirling pads make their way into the mix, the song takes a gallop forward and builds some more. Chord stabs hold the energy in limbo as we bounce along to the rhythm paving the way for off-beat noise to swishes and swirls about. This acts to build the song just a hair more and gets the groove to roll along. Subtle percussive changes elaborate on the groove, providing some great filler material in that warm-up set of yours.

Özgür creates a very interesting EP here for Deep Focus; one that will really impress those with a soft spot for Detroit house music. In addition to the productions under his own name and variations thereof, Özgür teamed up with Stian Klo in late 2005 to create Furry Music, and to date have three vinyl releases under their belt. Together as the Furry Nipples, they have remixed Space Manoeuvres and have had releases on Precinct and Invent Recordings. With an extensive digital only catalog for Furry Music, you are bound to find a few gems in there, so go ahead and check them out.

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