Artist: Ozgur Can
Title: Just Go With It / Another Kind
Label: Furry Music
By: Jason Calvert | 21 August 2005
  • A: Just Go With It
  • B: Another Kind

Ozgur Can "Just Go With It / Another Kind"

Out Now on Furry Music

Swedish master Ozgur Can steps up yet again to provide the debut release for Furry Music, a label founded by the Furry Nipples outfit, consisting of Ozgur himself and Stian Klo, also known as LikWit. In an interview, the boys stated that Furry Music would be primarily for music of a more unique flavour than other labels. Sadly, this first release makes me unsure of whether or not they will be able to pull this off, as it does not showcase anything which has not been done before.

Just Go With It sets up a bouncing feel with a large bassline and percussion layout which has become trademark of Ozgur Can in recent times. A melody is layered over the top which sounds exactly like the bassline, but pitched up slightly. I gave the track a chance, hoping that it would develop from here, but not much else happened before it ended. Whilst it may have quite a bit of energy to it, the style can be seen in much better form in many of Ozgur Can's other works, and it seems with this track that he is content with sticking to this same sound. I respect what he is doing here, but to keep listeners interested he will have to look at varying his sound and take a more open minded approach to his music in the future.

Another Kind improves on its counterpart by setting up a slightly different sound. The melody loops upon itself and finds a comfortable spot in the higher ranges of the composition. Some other effects layered in create an almost wet sound, but again the track does not seem to go anywhere. An average mood is created, but the weaker melody means it lacks the energy of the flipside, and with this lack of energy combined with a lack of progression, the results are not impressive.

For a label who claim to release "eclectic" and "innovative" tracks, this release makes me quite concerned as to how true these claims actually are. It is a fact that Ozgur is capable of much more than this, and I can only hope that future releases will make up for this. For those out there who are die hard fans of Ozgur Can's sound, then you are about the only ones to whom I can recommend this release. Others are well advised to wait for future Furry Music releases or check out other tracks from Ozgur Can.

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