Artist: Ozgur Can & Rouzbeh Delavari
Title: Eternity
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 8 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chris Lake Dirty Breaks Mix

Ozgur Can & Rouzbeh Delavari "Eternity"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

Having made inroads over the last few months with their solo projects bringing them right into the thick of the dance scene, the time has come for those two youngsters from Sweden, Ozgur Can & Rouzbeh Delavari to unite to deliver their first collaborative release. Individually they have amassed an impressive discography of releases, and have become the names on many a-list DJs lips. Having caught the attention of the guys at 3Beat Breaks, 'Eternity' now surfaces as the latest release on this fast rising label that has been carving quite a niche for itself over the course of past six months.

It's no surprise that this collaboration is a bomb. The 'Original Mix' is a hard hitting floaty breakbeat epic that rumbles hard from the opening and doesn't ease off the pedal for one moment as it drills it's way along. Rocking through the first few minutes, soon a haunting melody line resonates through the twisted groove, taking over momentarily before the beats return with upgraded impact, getting all experimental as it drops into the final straight. Watch your bassbins, I'm telling ya..

And if that wasn't enough, the remix sees the return of 'Chris Lake' who proves that he hasn't lost a step after some time away from the studio as he puts together a down and dirty remix that shifts the focus onto a sub bassline that cuts through everything in it's path. Stripped back beats allow the melody to shine through, providing a contrasting element that works surprisingly well, with all the added sounds and familiar sounding riff ensuring that if the the big beats of the original didn't grab you, this filthy monster will.

There's nothing more that needs to be said. A meeting of these two talented friends has created one of the best releases on 3Beat Breaks yet, at the same time proving that when you put these two together, the result is pure dynamite, and with several other collaborative projects in the pipeline, brace yourself for an explosion sooner rather than later.

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