Artist: Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
Title: Words With The Shaman
Label: Pacific Front Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 4 November 2005
  • 1. Opencloud 'Quiet The Engine' Mix
  • 2. Original Mix

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus "Words With The Shaman"

Out Now on Pacific Front Recordings

Jeremy Watkins is the man behind Oxygen Breathing Apparatus. Many of us first came into contact with his work going back a few years to "Noah's Ark", a track named after his son which was championed by the likes of Anthony Pappa and Shmuel Flash. Since then however, we haven't heard much from him, but "Words With The Shaman" marks a strong return. The release is yet another strong point for Justin Humber and Davin Greenwell's Pacific Front Recordings, and comes complete with a hot remix of the legends themselves: Opencloud.

The Original Mix is an atmospheric affair, making use of deep percussion lines and filtered pads to create an almost jungle-like backdrop. This certainly takes the listener to a place where tribes would be imminent (and hence a shaman too). The groove continues throughout the track, ends with as much grace and elegance as it began with.

By now I would be very disappointed if you were unaware of Corey Spengler and Blake Potter's Opencloud outfit. The guys throw down a tough interpretation of "Words With The Shaman", twisting up the foundations of the track and turning it into a dark and gritty outing. A beautiful underlying melody makes its appearance during the breakdown, and while the atmosphere is quite different to the Original Mix, it is equally as strong is a different manner.

Both the Original Mix and the Opencloud Mix posses some very fine qualities and it is simply a matter of choice as to which you prefer. I'm torn between the two, and depending on my mood my choice changes. Pacific Front once again keep up the quality with this release.

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