Artist: Orchid
Title: Galactic Railroad / Starlight
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 22 April 2004
  • A: Galactic Railroad
  • B: Starlight

Orchid "Galactic Railroad / Starlight"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Hope Recordings have been a label committed to developing artists ever since they first launched many years ago. Having launched and guided the early careers of artists such as Max Graham and Starecase, the label quickly gained a reputation for quality music, that has been continued with signings such as Grayarea. Now reaching their 50th release, the label are proud to reveal their latest signing in the form of Orchid. The alias of producer Alexander Tooth, this release marks the first of many as DJs and labels alike cannot get enough of his work, with both 'Galactic Railroad' and 'Starlight' having received heavy support from the likes of Sasha and Jonathan Lisle.

'Galactic Railroad' starts off in dramatic fashion with big strings leading in over the top of a driving breakbeat groove that shimmers below, acting as the track for the melodic lines and synths that float above it. A fairly frantic pace helps to create a dreamy atmospheric void that engulfs everything, with a killer hook and breakbeat arrangement sitting right at the centre. The drifting melody will lure you in, hook line and sinker as each layer subsides to reveal another with sublime yet spine chilling precision.

'Starlight' is without a doubt the most emotional of the two tracks on this 12", a more subdued breakbeat arrangement simmering in the background as melodies and keys form a heavenly soundscape that words just simply could not do justice for. In a way this track reminds of the old dream trance from years ago with it's big soaring synths, but when the bottom end drops out during the breakdown and strange samples are brought in, you are just waiting for things to pick up again, and when they do you will find yourself overcome. Twinkling melodies and pads wash over the mellow beats, adding a glistening shine to the final moments of the track.

Two versatile cuts with 'Starlight' being the kind of track you could open or close a set with, whilst 'Galactic Railroad' is the more upbeat and peak time influenced of the two. With forthcoming material on Nascent and Secret Planet and many other labels trying to snap up his unsigned work, you can expect to hear a lot more of Orchid's forward thinking beats in the coming months.

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