Artist: Orchid
Title: Everlasting EP
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 1 November 2004
  • A1: Silverlining
  • A2: Foreverland
  • B1: The Moonflow
  • B2: Transmission 3001

Orchid "Everlasting EP"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

Orchid steps up with a beautiful selection of music for Gravitation Records on the 'Everlasting EP'. His productions have been creeping their way into DJs boxes like Sasha, Nick Warren and Jon Lisle's sets for some time, and will carry onto many others with this release. The 'Everlasting EP' is full of lush tones, sweeping synths and breakbeats that will make your head feel full of sparkling sounds. Each song has it's own feeling, yet combined together they make for a great 20+ minutes of smooth and dreamy music for anytime.

The first tune off this lush EP is 'Silverlining'. Housey drums start in and build into a slick progressive kit, while the bass takes shape and grooves up and down moving along a sweet chord progression. Twinkly synths start to filter in, while floaty spacey sounds fill the gaps and depth. The synths keep building on top of each other until there is a rich blanket of sound that's sweet and delicious. All the sounds drop out for a moment, while a smooth break opens up and more synths rush in and smooth over the beats to keep the whole tune moving at a slight pace.

'Foreverland' is a lovely break beat tune with lots of spacey sounds and heavy bass. The beats start in with fills and cool effects, and shortly thereafter a big rumbling bassline captures everything taking it all deep into a lush rolling arpeggiator. Beautiful bell sounds and lush synths follow close while we ride it all out.

'The Moonflow' opens up with beautiful ambient synths and slides right into a sweet mellow breakbeat. Rolling arps start in and fill the dreamy atmosphere full of warmth. A watery sound twinkles in after a drop off, while a sweet long sweeping synth covers the tune and moves through various emotions. More cute sparkly sounds enter the mix bouncing off the sweeping synths and while the drums fade away, the synths mellow out and closes with the ambience just how it opened.

'Transmission 3001' is a great way to close this EP. An uplifting breakbeat tune filled with plenty of rolling arpeggiators, textures and a bouncy bassline. Breaks start in and build on top of sweet synths that twist and turn, and glide and shift through various keys. The tickly sounds keep coming as new layers develop and build with the tune and follow this lush mellow breaks tune till the end.

Orchid has his own style of sounds on the 'Everlasting EP'; a lovely combination of synth work and intricate drum programming that's easy to listen and fall into as this talented soul takes us on a fine journey with some of his latest work.

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