Artist: Optika
Title: Cycloptic Vision
Label: Opek Music
By: Chloe Harris | 4 February 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Deeper Mix

Optika "Cycloptic Vision"

Out Now on Opek Music

Optika, better known to some as Sumantri, comes up with a melody laden, driving, techy monster for Chug Recordingss offshoot, Opek Music. Hailing from the city of Boston with many releases behind him, he’s fully prepared to share his next onslaught of wizardry.

We start out with some nice piano as the bass rumbles underneath. The drums are thick with layers of toms, a heavy kick, and galloping high hats. Gated effects and an underlining tone make it’s way in. It’s very sad sounding, and sweeping. The sounds that fall inside the body of the tune are very techy, and futuristic. A quick change up, and we fall into an amazing melody, which floats as the drums roll underneath. Watery sounds wash over, and effects fall all over. The bassline shifts, as it takes on a more driving turn, with added sounds, and a tweeky acid synth. At the break the melody comes in again. This time it curls up with the other spacy sounds, along with piano, and a guitar-sounding instrument. It’s beautiful and lush, and takes us out to the end

On the 'Deeper Mix', drums start us out, as a snyth bounces and floats over. The drums are techy and strong, and the high hats are perfect. As the song changes up into a hard growl sound, it spits out a lovely warm synth that moves and rolls around. Filling up the depth with all sorts of small sounds, similar to old school trance tones; it’s bubbly, but serious and beautiful. A low brooding tone kicks in and tickles the bouncing melody. Changing again into some wicked sounds, a new snyth pad rushes in and opens the song up ill it’s end.

A great first release for Opek Music. Expect awesome things from this label. The tunes are different, and will appeal to a wide range of people. Optika is going somewhere with this tune as well, melting so many different sounds together, and pulling it off like it’s nothing. He’s definitely someone to watch out for.

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