Artist: Opencloud Vs Seyton
Title: A Little More Mixed Up Than Usual
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 1 February 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Danny Graham & Rob Mooney 'This Title Is Too Long' Mix
  • 3. Colin C. 'Consoul' Mix

Opencloud Vs Seyton "A Little More Mixed Up Than Usual"

Out Now on Proton Music

Opencloud's name in the title? It's another Proton Music release then of course! And quite a chunky one at that! Known for their crazy beats and twisted remixes, its no wonder Stian Klo refers to them as the "Openclowns"! Speaking of Stian, he teams up with Thomas Nokling, better known as Manipura, to form the Seyton outfit, who collaborate with the "Openclowns" here to create one big happy family! "A Little More Mixed Up Than Usual" is, as the name implies, quite a twisted excursion. Pushing tight breakbeats and squelching bass, let's see how it is.

The "Original Mix" is built upon an extremely heavy breakbeat foundation. As the drums thrash down upon us, the heavy bassline is brought in, and contrasted by some sliced up vocal samples which help build up atmosphere. As the track goes on, more and more effects are added which results in one hell of a "mixed up" cocktail, but a delicious one at that, and goes down very smoothly. A certain late night favourite.

Danny Graham & Rob Mooney recently graced the Proton Music label with "Just Testing", which was another chunky affair. They strip back the original mix here, giving it a 4/4 vibe and a more reserved bassline. The breakdown is quite euphoric, with some great chord progression happening. An excellent mood setter for the strong moments in a 4/4 set.

Our very own Colin C. provides the final remix. He's chugged out some fantastic breakbeat remixes of tracks such as "Dirty - Dirty" and "Trancesetters - Roaches" which are both favourites of mine. He goes for a 4/4 interpretation of the original mix, and keeps the heavy vibe going. The vocal snippets are tastefully re-layered, and nothing too over the top is added to the track. The mix is tastefully crafted, and would be my personal choice out of the two mixes.

Another solid outing on Proton Music. If you haven't already checked this one out then you better grab yourself a copy while you can. If you like your tracks to be twisted and dirty then you'll most definitely enjoy this release.

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