Artist: On Spec
Title: Knights Of Columbus
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 July 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Guy Gerber Edit

On Spec "Knights Of Columbus"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

With 'Stoppage Time' being one of the biggest recent successes for the Bedrock label, it was case of when, not if Guy Gerber would return to the label. Whilst in the time since he's been busy setting up his own Supplement Facts imprint and garnering attention from the likes of Sven Vath with tracks like 'This Is Balagan', Guy is never a producer to rest on his laurels, and now returns to Bedrock with a new project entitled On Spec, and a splendid track called 'Knights Of Columbos'.

The 'Original Mix' is a breath of fresh air. An enchanting melodic house epic, rich with uplifting synths and piano rolls. Underpinned by an intoxicating and hypnotic bassline, watch this track slowly develop, unfolding into a stunning middle of night track that will transform the mood of the night in an instant.

The 'Guy Gerber Edit' on the flip picks up where the original leaves off, with more emphasis placed on the hypnotic bassline and arrangements. Some subtle tribal-esque percussion pushes the mix forward, with atmospheric harmonies rising up through the track's many layers, creating a warm, textured mood within. Whilst it doesn't quite reach the dizzy heights of the original, its a satisfying reinterpretation nevertheless.

'Knights Of Columbos' is another impressive addition to Guy Gerber's ever growing discography. As he has developed himself as a solo producer over the last few years, he's finally come to prove himself as one of the most consistent and talented names out there at the moment, providing Bedrock with one of it's most unique releases yet.

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