Artist: Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube
Title: Requiem
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 8 October 2008
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Distaff Mix
  • B2: Christopher Groove & Philipp Straub Mix

Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube "Requiem"Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube "Requiem"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Oliver Moldan has been one of the producers responsible for providing the fundamental roots of the Audio Therapy label over the past few years, with a number of well received singles and remixes to date all respectable additions to the label's half century of releases. Moving forward to the next half century and he's back once more, collaborating with fellow countryman Norman Zube on his latest single 'Requiem'.

The original version is a sublime acid-influenced house track with intricate layers of acid rhythms and percussion wrapped around a deep, throbbing groove that sits right at the nucleus of the track. The energy level remains constant, slightly affected by subtle changes as the track continues its progression, building to an emotive string-laden climax.

Distaff, on the other hand, deconstructs the original into numerous sections, primarily keeping the main string section intact but forging his own twisted template in which to encase it, while the Austrian pairing of Christopher Groove & Philipp Straub strip back the original elements, turning in a moody techno inspired mix of ‘Requiem’ with a bassline and snares that will rattle their way through the sound system of any venue.

A truly continental release and Oliver Moldan's best offering to date on Audio Therapy while coupled with a diverse set of mixes that offer something for all tastes. With a bonus digital only peak time version from promising newcomer No Brainer also available from all good outlets, 'Requiem' should perhaps have been titled 'Renevatio' as Dave Seaman's imprint has seemingly been reborn as of late.

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