Artist: Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler
Title: Phat Laces
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Jason Calvert | 24 April 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Harada Mix

Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler "Phat Laces"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

The German maestro who is Oliver Moldan is back once again on Audio Therapy, and this time he means business. On "Phat Laces" he has gone for a very deep sound, and this makes it much superior to his previous outing "Marraca$h" on the same label not so long ago. Bringing in another German to provide the remix, Harald Aufmuth provides a very interesting take, again pushing Audio Therapy just that little bit further in their strive for excellence.

It won't take long for the rhythmic throbbing which sets the foundations to wrap themselves around you. Seems Moldan had a specific direction in mind and he stuck with it throughout, and the result is an amazingly tough outing. A sly mid ranged synth emerges out of the ground, as the occasional (but rare) high end pads sweep down upon us. Whilst the emphasis is certainly in the lower ranges, the track is very well balanced and certainly would be a stormer during those early hours of the morning.

Audio Therapy are never scared to try something different, and that is exactly what they've done in getting Harada to provide the remix. Minimal glitch is not exactly what the label is renowned for, but there's a first for everything! Harada really rips into the track and almost turns it inside out. The samples are heavily tweaked and the bouncy and glitchy feel of the production will have minimal fans drooling. It seems that minimal is certainly being received a lot more warmly then it would have a few years back, and it is great to see Audio Therapy helping showcase the sound to an audience who may otherwise remain uneducated on the genre.

The high marks go out pretty evenly to Moldan, Aufmuth, and Audio Therapy. Moldan, for making such a big improvement from "Marraca$h" and having definite direction. Aufmuth, for getting glitchy on the samples and presenting a truly unique interpretation of the track. And of course to Audio Therapy, for embracing the future of electronic music and not being afraid to try something a little risky. Certainly a release worth checking out.

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