Artist: Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler
Title: Marraca$h
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Jason Calvert | 22 October 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Bush II Bush Mix

Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler "Marraca$h"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Germany's Oliver Moldan steps into his Prawler guise for another outing on Audio Therapy. Moldan has been wowing audiences across the globe for quite some time, and holds residency at Tribehouse in Germany. Marraca$h was featured on Dave Seaman's recent "This Is Audiotherapy" compilation, and since then its release has been highly anticipated.

A tough arrangement of percussion becomes evident almost immediately on the Original Mix, and the track pushes forward with effective simplicity. The bassline and overlying melody are backed up by some chant-like vocals at times, and whilst overall there is nothing spectacular about the track, it does boast a some great energy which would be effective on the dancefloor or bigger environment. Home listening sadly does not do the track a lot of justice!

It is the Bush II Bush Mix however which makes this release very appealing. Andry Nalin and Gregor Wagner whip the Original Mix up into a bouncing big room number and truly do bring out the best in the track. The bassline is juiced up and made the main element of the mix. The vocals make a return with the new bassline still running strong underneath, and many effects from the Original are retained. This interpretation has an overall more complete feel to it than the Original, and boasts a sound which to me was more solid.

A sound release for Audio Therapy, with the Bush II Bush Mix being particularly notable. The Original Mix was well put together, it just didn't pack enough punch to stand out for me. However Bush II Bush knew exactly what they were doing, and gave it just that slight extra edge it needed.

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