Artist: Nucvise Vs Filo & Peri
Title: Jiggle It
Label: Baroque Limited
By: Simon Jones | 19 March 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Maor Levi Mix

Nucvise Vs Filo & Peri "Jiggle It"

Out Now on Baroque Limited

Baroque's sister label 'Limited' has always followed by it's elder sibling's example for showcasing a mix of established and upcoming talent, but throughout it's brief history has taken that idea slightly further by broadening it's musical reach that little bit wider. Early releases saw such long standing names as Quivver and Noel Sanger continue to forge their own path, but the 'Limited' label has always embraced names like the excellent and ever consistent Eelke Kleijn, and also Filo & Peri, who's third appearance on the label comes in the form of 'Jiggle It', a collaboration with Polish newcomer Nucvise.

The 'Original Mix' fuses progressive house and trance elements together in the usual Filo & Peri way, but if there's one thing this track has that makes it stand out is a lead hook that will subconsciously find it's way into someone's head, and supported by a funky, energetic bassline, is one of those simple but effective club tracks that draws people to the middle of the dancefloor.

Anjuna recording artist 'Maor Levi' provides the remix, bringing his pumping trance sensibilities along with him and implementing them into this remix. Rolling along haphazardly, it's not until the breakdown where it really comes to life, with an extended delay helping to increase the frenzy level even further. Whilst not an all out peak time rework, Maor's solid arrangements and driving bass make this a great mid to peak set bridge track.

All in all, another rounded package from the Baroque stable, though probably more for the Filo & Peri and Maor Levi fans as opposed to the long standing Baroque faithful.

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