Artist: Nubreed
Title: Bring That Sound EP
Label: MOB Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 October 2003
  • A1: Bring That Sound
  • B1: Jaded
  • B2: Harpooned

Nubreed "Bring That Sound EP"

Out Now on MOB Records

NuBreed developed their own niche very early on in the Australian music scene, and have subsequently become one of the leading exports since signing to UK based MOB Records. Since Summer 2002, the trio of Jase, DB and Mykel have been building up to their debut artist album 'The Original' with a series of singles, and now with the finish line in sight, they bring the first of two EPs, featuring a range of tracks from their debut long player. Having honed their sound and direction for many months, they now 'Bring That Sound' in a big way.

The title track is also the lead track of the EP, as 'Bring That Sound' sits on it's own on the a-side. Co-written with the infamous Andy Page, this seriously wigging slice of breakbeat starts off with some old skool MC style vocal trickery, but soon descends into a moody and rippling bass led solo. Then into the mix come some big delays, synth layers and twisted effects, all layered in a dynamic, energetic fashion that creates something quite different and refreshing, and it is quite hard not to be hypnotised by this outstanding track.

The flipside continues with the diversity as 'Jaded' is a chilled out groove led number that makes great use of the atmospheric sounds that swirl within the groove via some tight beat action and melodic synth lines. Subtle key changes and a minimalistic vocal provided by DB, which slowly takes over leading into a mellow reprise before the looped beats return in shuffling fashion. This laid back number in turn leads us onto another, in this case the final track of the EP, 'Harpooned'. Stepped beat arrangements and a subtle yet persistent bassline are the two key elements of this spacious, downbeat journey for those after dark moments. Experimental yet poignant, the track is the perfect end to a well compiled EP.

NuBreed show just why they have become so widely acclaimed with the range of material on this EP, yet this is only half of the story. Seek and ye shall find the second half of the story. 'Qurious?', you should be..

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