Artist: Nubreed & Luke Chable
Title: One Day
Label: MOB Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 June 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Original Instrumental
  • B1: Poxy Music Mix

Nubreed & Luke Chable "One Day"

Out Now on MOB Records

With their debut album 'The Original' now on store shelves, Nubreed's legacy in the dance music has been well and truly cemented, and hot on the heels of that comes a new single lifted from the album. A collaboration with Luke Chable, 'One Day' has been widely regarded to be one of the standout tracks, but up until now has remained unreleased as a single, also being omitted from the album's sampler EPs. That however, is about to change..

The 'Original Vocal Mix' is a brilliant fusion of breaks and guitars, a rocking bass hook and catchy vocal provided by the group's own Danny Bonnici fit tightly into a bed of deep melodies and gritty breakbeats. It's addictive arrangement and powerful delivery has already earned it much airplay across Australia and it is without a doubt Nubreed's most accessible work to date. Of course, realising that vocals are not for everyone, there's an 'Instrumental' version that strips out the vox, leaving a rugged, indie inspired breaks mix to do it's work, which it does rather nicely indeed.

Over on the flip, the 'Poxy Music' duo of Ken Cloud and Pocket dish up another of their warped and funky rerubs. Locking a groove around some awesome electro stabs and melody arrangements, the vocal is filtered and kept to a minimum, only gaining prominence during the breakdown, which is a true air guitar moment that the rockers amongst you will appreciate, but soon descending back into the driving experimental beats that power this beast of a remix.

Keeping things strictly Australian, this is a superb 12" with enough of a variation to make even the most purist of breaks fiends wet their pants with over excitement, and with further mixes to follow, a change of underwear is probably best advised.

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