Artist: Nubreed & Luke Chable
Title: One Day (Remixes)
Label: MOB Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 June 2004
  • A: Luke Chable Mix
  • B: Dirty Fours Mix

Nubreed & Luke Chable "One Day (Remixes)"

Out Now on MOB Records

With the original 12" containing the more radio friendly and experimental versions, the remix disc of Nubreed & Luke Chable's 'One Day' heads straight for the centre of the dancefloor as both parties present their own take on the track, making sure that all the bases are covered with this single.

'Luke Chable' flies solo with his own extension of the original. Keeping the rocking beats and melodies, big atmospheric fills are uses to create a big void where DB's vocal sounds even more powerful than before. Throw in a throbbing bassline that cuts through the centre of the track like a twister on a rampage, underpinned by some killer beats in true Chable fashion, and you have a dynamic tweaking and peaking mix that the boy from Christmas Hills, Melbourne should be very proud of.

Nubreed also go back to basics, revisiting the track through their 'Dirty Fours' guise and locking it into a 4/4 groove, stripping back the beats, and allowing the vocal to dictate the pace. Trippy reverb and cut up melodies will zone you out, drawing you into the intoxicating groove and placing you right in the thick of this multi layered epic that is as masterful as it's breakbeat counterpart.

Two heavyweight remixes that both add an interesting an innovative slant to the slightly commercial original version, and without a doubt MOB's finest release in a long time.

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