Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Give It To U
Label: Teknology Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 June 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub

Noel Sanger "Give It To U"

Out Now on Teknology Records

Noel Sanger is one of the hardest working US producers and djs in the scene today. With releases for Music Now and Release Elements, in addition to remixes for countless labels, he has gained a reputation for his diverse production styles. As a dj he has supported DJs like DJ Tiesto on extensive tours, and has been able to show his mixing capabilties on compilations such as 'Summerbreeze 2'. 'Give It 2 U' is his latest single, his first for Teknology, but does it continue his previous form?

Atmosphere is the key to Noel's 'Original Mix', with a shaking groove and deep pad layers forming a slow but brooding template which moves along at constant pace. Loops and delays create a series of drops which displace the groove, allowing the vocal to shuffle through to the surface. Swirling effects create a void within which the beats echo and drop harder than before, as Noel lifts the pace slightly but keeps everything tightly held together.

The 'Dub Mix' is more of the same, with a more compact beat arrangement and a chunkier bassline reworking the original into a slightly cooler and more dancefloor friendly interpretation that really hammers during the final half of the track. A guaranteed floor filler.

Whilst perhaps not the most innovative or jaw dropping work we have heard from Noel Sanger, it is a pretty good progressive house track, and will do just as it says on the tin. Whether this one makes it to your record box is entirely your decision.

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