Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Falling Through
Label: Baroque Limited
By: Mark Holloway | 13 February 2006
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Noel Sanger "Falling Through"

Out Now on Baroque Limited

Noel Sanger is an American based Progressive DJ/Songwriter who has released over 150 productions and has toured as Tiesto's warm up DJ for over two years. In addition, Noel was the first American DJ to be added to the now infamous Nettwerk Management roster of supported DJs. Despite his busy schedule, Noel Sanger has found time to bring us a new track titled 'Falling Through' - his sophomore release on Baroque Limited.

The 'Main Mix' occupies the A side of this release and instantly starts off with a vibe that fills the room with presence. A driving beat, acidic melody, and punchy snare make sure this song wastes no time. About a minute into the track there is almost complete silence and then a deep but catchy bass line takes the spot light. Piece by piece the song layers itself back together while the bass continues to pound in the background. Once in the middle, things mellow out a bit while the catchy chords jump right out in front of the mix. As the beat slowly dissipates one can feel the anticipation of the break down. A nice break beat drops into the mix and lifts the energy to a new level. All the original elements of the track that were heard in the beginning are now blended beautifully with atmospheric chords drifting over the top. Rather than ending the tracking in the usual way, the hi-hats seem to dominate a bit more as the track is winding down which sets up the DJ for the perfect outro.

The B side of this track is the 'Dub Mix' and as you can guess it's a slightly more tamed version of the song. Although the wildly bass line is just as present as the main mix, it is a bit less atmospheric and goes for a mild breakdown rather than the break beat feel. For a mix that’s more easily integrated and not too over powering, this dub mix is just right.

Noel Sanger definitely remains at the top of his game with the track 'Falling Through'. This is a track which is sure to sit well in any Progressive DJ's song catalog.

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