Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Carry On
Label: Release Elements
By: Simon Jones | 8 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Sultan & Tone Depth Mix

Noel Sanger "Carry On"

Out Now on Release Elements

After a series of superb breakbeat remixes of such tracks as Descent's 'Deep End' and also Thomas Penton & Luis Duran's 'Control Factor', Noel Sanger now delivers an original breakbeat single entitled 'Carry On'. Already a favourite of progressive breaks mogul Jon Lisle, Release Elements have picked up this track, and the remix comes from Canadian outfit Sultan and Tone Depth, who's late night sounds have been making an impact in recent months.

The 'Original Mix' is not quite full on progressive breaks, as a big 303 acid bassline adds an unpredictable element, big bass swells rising up through the tight beats in hypnotic fashion as the vocal is teased in slowly. Percussive fills and subtle pads add some punch to the beats as the track builds to a melodic break where stutter effect and big drops bring the "big room element" to the track. Big stabs send ripples through the groove as the bass comes back, wrapping things up on a high.

Stripping things down slightly, 'Sultan & Tone Depth' retain the bassline of the original but weave some superb percussive layers around it, giving it a whole new mood. The pace is slowed down and the vocal brought to the forefront of the mix, leading up into the break and down into some warm chords and groovy sounds that appearing during the final moment, with a sublime late night vibe emitted throughout. Another superb mix from one of 2003's hottest production outfits.

Noel Sanger continues to prove that he is as comfortable writing some sick beats as he is house grooves, and with the added mix from Sultan & Tone Depth, this is one release you will be in your element by choosing to own a copy.

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