Artist: Noel Sanger & Dauby
Title: Forget
Label: Angora Records
By: Jason Calvert | 17 October 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Yunus Guvenen 'Colpo Grosso' Mix

Noel Sanger & Dauby "Forget"

Out Now on Angora Records

Noel Sanger is a name which is known far and wide across the scene. There was a stage when I would only associate Sanger with tough breakbeats, but since then his outlook has grown to cover a lot more ground. "Forget" takes a very trance oriented route, and fans of this style may enjoy the sound. However for others, they will not find anything particular new in the Original Mix. Red Flag Collective's Yunus makes a return on the flipside, and throws down a mix which will stun fans of his previous work.

"My Prayer" instantly comes to mind when listening to the Original Mix, and whilst it may be slightly darker, there doesn't seem to be any new influence on this track. Dauby's vocals drift over the top, but they tend to lack any strength or depth, and whilst they do not detract from the production, they certainly do not add anything to it. Thinking of his previous works such as "Designs" and "Carry On" make me quite amazed that it is in fact the same producer. It is always nice to see them trying different things, but I feel he is capable of much more.

In my books, Yunus is an absolute legend. With killers such as "Red Pilot", "Mass Schizophrenia", and "Seyo In Blue" to his name, it is easy to see that his production is well above par for the style he does. If it was a Yunus production, you could most of the time safely say that it would stand out. Recently he has been out of action with his production due to military service, but this remix here marks his return. As this one began playing, I had to double check that is actually was Yunus who I was listening to. Very strangely, this is an up-tempo, almost funky interpretation of the Original, which slices up the vocal in a very cheesy fashion. The melodies swirl around and at times made me quite dizzy. The mix did little for the Original, and I am quite sad to say that I felt it was actually very poorly put together. I have never heard Yunus do anything like this, and we will have to see what the future has in store for him. My fingers are crossed...

Sadly not the strongest debut for Angora Records. The Original Mix certainly will find its place within the more trance oriented communities, but I am not sure which crowd exactly the Yunus mix is pitched towards. Past evidence backs me up in saying that both of these producers are capable of much more. However, with future outings on the label involving Derek Howell and Pole Folder, we can only hope they make up for this one.

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