Artist: Nick Muir
Title: I Feel Real
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Andrew Bilen | 11 July 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chopstick Mix

Nick Muir "I Feel Real"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Nick Muir's 'I Feel Real' originally made it's appearance in 2006 on Hernan Cattaneo's first Sequential compilation from Renaissance. Having been one of the standout tracks on that excellent mix, it's nice to see this track getting a proper release. This track is much more akin to the progressive sound that Muir creates with his solo productions such as 'Savin' You,' rather then the trancier Bedrock sound that he gained much of his reputation from.


'I Feel Real' is a heavy rocking progressive house monster, featuring the meanest sounding bass-line any house head could ask for. This track is a great showcase of Muir's production skills that is sure to appeal to progressive house fans.

The track's signature is its monstrous bass-line led melody, along with the filtered vocal that gives the track its name. Accompanied by tight percussion and solid drum work 'I Feel Real' is a well produced track from top to bottom. Muir does a nice job of twisting and manipulating sounds, with great use of stutters and effects throughout to create the great kind of texture that really gives it that nice progressive edge.

The track has fantastic momentum, and is certainly a peak-time tune that can raise the energy levels of any set. It gets started quickly as the lead melody kicks in, and moves along with unrelenting energy. Once it reaches the midway point, the track slows down leading right into the breakdown, stripping things down to a few simple pads and the vocal before things pick back up again. The lead synth bounces back and forth between the right and left channels, until the rest of the track comes crashing back in led by the main melody and accompanied by a new set of warm pads amongst the high-end.

if you are a fan of the Mashtronic sound you are certain to find 'I Feel Real' to your liking, making it an obvious choice to be added to Mashtronic's own label. The track combines great energy and production, with a unique bass-line sure to catch everyone's attention.


On the flip-side we have the Chopstick Mix which is a tech house track that feels very minimal by comparison. Only a few elements are held over from the original, including the bass-line, low-end synth lead, and bits of the vocal. The rest of the original is replaced by several simple synth lines that leave the track feeling hollow and empty. Overall the vibe here can be described as bouncy tech house.

Unfortunately the Chopstick mix just doesnt seem to make a particularly good addition to the package, as 'I Feel Real' has so much great potential for remixing. Although not a bad tech house tune in its own right, as a remix to such a strong track it leaves something to be desired. Lost is the great textured and full-bodied sound of the original, however those looking for something a little bit more laid back that isn't a strictly peak time tune might find something to like here about its simplicity.

It should also be noted that there are four other remixes of I Feel Real available by Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks, Schoenbrunn & Pfennig, Mike Brin, and Mashtronic, all of which are much more progressive in nature and more reminiscent of the original then the remix featured here.


On the strength of the original this is a great addition to the Mashtronic label, however the remix here is dissapointing and it's unfortunate that one of the other remixes wasn't primarily featured instead. I Feel Real has been long over due for a formal release as it is certainly well deserving, and it serves as a great example of Nick Muir's ability to craft solid productions.

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