Artist: Nick Muir
Title: Frankenstein
Label: Apache
By: Jason Calvert | 18 July 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: KG Mix

Nick Muir "Frankenstein"

Out Now on Apache

Nick Muir. The name is synonymous with pure quality. This man has a back catalogue of productions which is up there with the best names in the industry. Obviously his works with John Digweed as Bedrock have been some of the most defining tracks to grace the scene. Muir's Frankenstein is the debut for new player on the scene Apache, and sets the bar of what we can expect in the future from this label.

With the beat bouncing its way along right from the beginning, the track boldly states its intentions early on. Being fueled by a very tough electro hook, some more twisted backing effects are brought in over the top, giving the track some very positive energy. This is one of those feel-good tracks that just wants you to have fun. There is nothing too heavy about anything in the composition, which makes it a perfect warm up to set up a positive mood.

Kev Grainger under his KG guise steps up to provide his breakbeat interpretation of the original. KG is no stranger to the scene, having collaborated with Andy Hawkes and Adam Bournes to form the "Care In The Community" outfit. The main hook has been cut up and re-sequenced to give the track an interesting new feel, as well as a new direction. Anyone familiar with any "Care In The Community" work will find some trademark effects making their appearance, which add a new layer to the track, whilst retaining the quality of the original. Having already found its way into the record boxes of James Zabiela and DJ Hyper, this is sure to become a favourite of the breaks community.

This is a strong debut for the Apache label, and a definite strong addition to Nick Muir's ever growing discography. With forthcoming Apache releases scheduled from Spector, Stonebreaker, and Filta & Hiratzka, we can only hope to expect such quality from them in the future.

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