Artist: Nick K
Title: Wear Dis Sound / Music Taking Over Me
Label: Lowriders Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 5 February 2004
  • A: Wear Dis Sound
  • B: Music Taking Over Me

Nick K "Wear Dis Sound / Music Taking Over Me"

Out Now on Lowriders Recordings

Netherlands producer Nick Kazemian is most recognized for his work alongside Sharem Jey on the now defunct Hooj Choons, in addition to his singles on Tsunami and SOG Records. A versatile DJ, he has recently teamed up with another of the country's rising stars, Matthew Dekay and together they launch their label Lowriders Recordings. No surprise really that the debut release would come from one of these two stars, and here Nick presents two hot new tracks.

'Wear Dis Sound' is a superb percussive house track, shaker rhythms, a drifting reggae style bassline and big drum hooks all blending together to create a heady mass of sound that even big speaker systems will struggle to contain. Subtle key changes half way through come accompanied with a sleek and sexy vocal, lowering the tone right down only for a massive wall of twisted synths to dominate during the break, before sinking right back into it's hypnotic groove. Solid production, a killer hook and massive sounds make this one for the big room dancefloors to wear.

'Music Taking Over Me' ventures to the more melodic side of house, a solid dubby groove sliding right along whilst an incessant melodic shimmers over the top, emiting warm vibes that are complimented by a seductive vocal hook that stays in time with the melody, rising up and, drawing you in further as its seductive summer tones unfold.

A promising debut for this label, with both tracks exemplifying the usual production quality we've come to expect from Nick K, and with material from label co-owner Matthew Dekay amongst others to look forward to over the coming months, it seems their Lowrider is going to bounce along the highway of the music scene at a nice constant pace. whilst turning the heads of passers by.

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