Artist: Nick K
Title: Promised Song / Space Dough
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2004
  • A: Promised Song
  • B: Space Dough

Nick K "Promised Song / Space Dough"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Spending a lot of time DJing and overseeing the excellent Lowriders label these days, we don't often see new material from Nick K, but when we do it's always a joy to look forward to. With an impressive back catalogue that has seen him appear on labels ranging from Hooj to SOG Records, in addition to the aforementioned Lowriders, and he's always been supported by Peter Van Hal, so it comes as little surprise to find this latest release on Deep Focus features two new productions from Nick himself.

Passing a nod to the electro house sound that is currently surfacing throughout the scene, 'Promised Song' sees Nick lay down some deep beats over a nice laid back groove, before building on this template with a cool arrangement of hypnotic snares and warm synth sounds. The melodies that ripple through to the surface add a nice upbeat touch to track and with a groove you cannot refuse, Mr K excels once again.

'Space Dough' takes us through the corridors of tough tribal house, with a bass heavy lead providing enough of a bite to make this track's presence well and truly felt, and aided by the funky underlying rhythm percussion, this will slot rather nicely into a deep late night set where the mood is somewhat dark and broody.

Deep Focus has carved it's self a nice little niche for pushing new sounds and giving artists the chance to go that extra mile and show what they can do. Few labels are willing to take such risks, but in the case of Focus it's a gamble that has yet to fail as this is another worthy addition to the catalogue.

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