Artist: Nick K
Title: Blacksoul / Fallen Angel
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 2 March 2004
  • A: Blacksoul
  • B: Fallen Angel

Nick K "Blacksoul / Fallen Angel"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Nick K returns with his second single of 2004, this time on the Deep offshoot Focus. As you might expect, both continue to promote the solid house grooves and chunky basslines this Dutch transplant has become regarded for, as he branches out further, experimenting with different sounds to produce two unique tracks for the dancefloor.

'Blacksoul' is the bigger of the two tracks on offer here. Tight grooves and heady percussion take us into the deep end where a hypnotic vocal simmers amongst big beats and layered drum percussion. Rolling forward, and some interesting bass elements are thrown into the mix, with the rhythm finding it's own way, rocking the joint with the help of a captivating vocal hook. A large, versatile slice of house that will find favour amongst most jocks.

'Fallen Angel' sees Nick opt for a slightly cooler but by no means less intense vibe, kicking off hard with a vibrant kick drum bassline, working in subtle pads and chord arrangements as the track develops, with a rolling progressive groove taking over as it shifts into the main section. Melodies are weaved into the compact percussion, gradually filtering through as the groove chugs along, whilst a vocal floats aimlessly over this progressive edged b-side.

Another useful and diverse two tracker, and one that should appeal to house aficionados and progressive heads alike. Deep take things deep and focused just as the label says here, but it remains to be seen how they will sit with some djs.

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