Artist: Nick Hook
Title: Burn Out Baby
Label: In Music Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 7 July 2004
  • A: Hedstatic Club Inferno Mix
  • B: Original Vox Mix

Nick Hook "Burn Out Baby"

Out Now on In Music Ltd

Nick Hook has been creating dance music for a long time. He's had releases on legendary labels such as Whoop! Records and Distinctive Records, and has worked with some of the best names in the business. His club night Loosen Up, along with his residencies at Whoop! It Up and Roasted allowed him plenty of inspiration for creating tunes and testing them out on up for it crowds. His latest single 'Burn Out Baby' is a progressive vocal stormer that will destroy clubs, while Hedstatic changes up the beats and drops his 'Club Inferno Mix', full of crunchy breaks and dirty stabs.

The 'Club Inferno Mix' by Tim 'Hedstatic' Sessions turns 'Burn Out Baby' into an earth shattering vocal-led dirty breaks stormer. A warbly bassline accompanies some hard electro sounds, which finds a way to set perfectly into the deep background sounds. Reduced drums and dark gritty stabs build into a thick percussive breakbeat, while the vocals of Carol Neen sift through, singing her heart out and demanding your attention whilst setting into the dark atmosphere which rips and tears through dips, drops and breaks. An older ravey type lead is introduced pulling the song along further into the crunchy drums, and follows Carols voice to the end.

The 'Original Vocal Mix' relies on heavy hitting progressive drums, cool arpeggiations and Carol's strong voice. The drums start in with claps and a solid kick that drives along into a bouncy electro bassline. Analog synths scream over the drums while the vocals take off in various directions. Her voice has been worked on with effects and a few different layers that come together as a nice harmony. Dropping into the break, she mellows down for a moment, allowing a warm arpeggiation to twist perfectly, introducing a new airy synth. The melodies take hold, and all the sounds rush together and build nicely from there.

In Music's seventh release has widespread appeal, with Nick's solid vocal progressive stormer, and Hedstatic's breaks rendition complimenting each other. Having been active within the music scene for the last ten years or more, Nick Horn shows no signs of burning out.

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