Artist: Nick Hook
Title: Burn Out Baby (Remixes)
Label: In Music Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 14 September 2004
  • A1: Martin Sharp Mix
  • B1: Mike Monday Mix
  • B2: Mike Monday Dub

Nick Hook "Burn Out Baby (Remixes)"

Out Now on In Music Ltd

The second set of mixes of Nick Hook's anthemic vocal tune 'Burn Out Baby' come from Martin Sharp, and the hardworking Mike Monday of Whoop Records fame. Martin Sharp has been working for the past ten years as a producer and DJ in the UK. He's been busy working in the studio writing and producing music, but found time to remix a longtime friend's catchy tune into a sassy electro house number. Mike Monday doesn't need much of an introduction having released more then a hundred remixes and original productions on various labels and working for big time players such as P. Diddy with Darren Emerson, on 'Let's Get Ill'. He adds a sassy new attitude to electro house with cool zaps and a sinister arpeggiation, and features both vocal and dub mixes.

Tribal drumming warms up the percussion and offsets the techy claps and crashing sounds, while an electro bassline sets in underneath bouncing perfectly on the 'Martin Sharp Mix'. Carol's voice spins in circling around and around, and drops deep into a filter bringing the tune to a halt. The drums and bounce pop back in and the vocal swings in full bloom, while the electro beats heat up in the background. Slowing down again, a new long bassline swallows the drums allowing the vocals to shine once again, and open up into a new quirky electro arpeggiation that builds into a peak and a new groove of fun electro sounds.

Tight electro zaps and a heavy break beat starts Mike Monday's 'Vocal Mix' off on the right note. The electro bassline kicks in at a drop and introduces Carol's sassy vocals. The kick comes in stomping while a sinister atmosphere bubbles in the background. An arpeggiated hypnotic synth moves in taking over the tune and all the sounds build together to form a massive rocking peak.

Mike Monday's 'Dub Mix’ is very similar to the vocal, but relies more on the bubbling zapping electro sounds, then her voice. The same bassline and background sets in, and the beats work up again into a peak and sinister arpeggiation. This could easily slip into Sasha's sets as of late.

Nick Hook's progressive anthem 'Burn Out Baby' gets a cool electro lift by Martin Sharp and Mike Monday. Their mixes compliment the original but take it to a new realm for a more underground appeal that will sound perfect in those big dark clubs.

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