Artist: Naveen G
Title: Keeper Of 5
Label: M Theory Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Theories Mix

Naveen G "Keeper Of 5"

Out Now on M Theory Records

Naveen G. DJ, producer, medical student and doctor . Quite an odd combination indeed, but a growing trend, as others such as Pat Foosheen and Gwill Morris also have the same alternate careers. In fact, if it wasn't for Naveen's studies, he probably wouldn't have made his way to Chicago, thus being influenced by the city's Streetbeat crew and meeting Pat Foosheen, thus well and truely kickstarting his dj and production career. Thankfully he did, and after turning the heads of Deep Dish, Satoshi and many others as Samsara, his next wave of productions spawned this baby, 'Keeper Of 5', a dark yet melodic breaks opus that to borrow Jonathan Lisle's favourite saying, is lush..

Spacious, industrial effects lead us into the 'Original Mix', moody atmospheric waves drifting back and forth behind the tight bobbing beat patterns. Subtly shifting gears as the track moves towards the main section, eerie vocals collide with a fusion of sub bass grooves and deep breakbeat layers as the dark bass concealing the melodies sound like the work of the devil himself. As the beats drop out, a heartbeat pulsates fasters, and faster, the tension building until the journey continues. This is music for your mind, that will take your soul, and on the dancefloor, it will have control.

And if that wasn't enough, the 'Theories Mix' takes the intensity that step further. Tighter beats, more melody, and an increased tempo and energy rip a hole in the original, as Naveen slides in synth effects and soft hi-hats to compliment the rippling breakbeat percussion that runs though the heart of the mix like an intensive computer instruction trying to complete it's objective. The objective of this mix is simple. To get the floor moving, and that it does will relative ease, the big atmospheric break making you wait, waiting for the rumbling bass to come back, into the driving outro. Naveen brings everything he has here, and does not disappoint.

Kicking off a new label is a huge responsibility, but Naveen G need not have worried, as both mixes of 'Keeper Of 5' showcase his careful precision style production prowess and dancefloor sensibilites off in fine fashion. With huge support from Jonathan and a growing buzz for the track, M Theory could not have asked for a finer start, and with many more 'lush' cuts to come, expect to find yourself keeping an eye on this label closely.

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