Artist: Nathan Fake
Title: Watlington Street EP
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 9 June 2004
  • A1: Adamedge
  • B1: Bored Of House
  • C1: Underberg
  • D1: Overdraft
  • D2: Peary Land

Nathan Fake "Watlington Street EP"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Nathan Fake, the 21-year-old wunderkind who's had a great release on James Holden's label Border Community with 'Outhouse', has created an array of music for Saw Recordings. The 'Watlington Street EP' has five unique songs each standing out on their own, but complimenting each other in so many ways. Ranging from house to techno to ambient, Nathan's ability to move through genres, yet pull them all together in one cohesive project is just the tip of what he has to offer the music world.

Starting the EP off, 'Adamedge' is a techy driving tune with a massive synth lead and gnarly swirling sounds and stabs. The bassline rumbles underneath, driving and climbing up subtle key changes while playing off the fast mechanical drums. A percussive melodic stab cuts in building with the bassline while gritty sweeping sounds move the tune through dips and changes. The main lead comes in melting over the song taking it to a peak, and then follows the bassline till the song finally breaks down. This is an extremely drilling tune that has so much power on a dancefloor.

The bassline of 'Bored Of House' is one of sickest I've heard in a long time. Clicky clanging drums shift through quick changes, crazy edits, stutters and filters, while the sassy gritty electro bassline whips through it all. A melodic arpeggiation climbs in swaying between the speakers and claps soon add to the percussion. Dropping off into a filtered drum bit, a new twinkling melody emerges. Its light and lays perfectly on top of everything, while swirling synths float in the background. A beautiful bouncy tune.

Techy sounds lead in to the next track. 'Underberg' is a fierce driving tune with mental acid sounds and creepy melodies hidden behind distorted shakers and high hats deliver punch. This banging tune climbs and peaks like techno, and has some ever so clever trippy backwards vocals keeping the tune fresh and balancing out the drums for a perfect peak time monster.

Going back to an older ravey break beat or drum n bass style, 'Overdraft' sounds as if its borrowed sounds and skills from the legendary artist Aphex Twin. The sharp quick drums fly through drum rolls, fills, and stutters while sickly synths warble to a tweaked out groove.

The EP closes on a subtle and dreamy note. 'Peary Land' is a gorgeous smooth raindrop ditty with a Boards Of Canada feel. Watery smooth breaks compliment an ever-changing melodic arpeggiation. Strings slide in the background, while the mellow bass takes us through the somber ambience.

The 'Watlington Street EP' is a challenging and brilliant selection of music with elements of house, breaks, techno, and even some smooth ambient that really showcases Nathan's ability within music. Saw Recordings did a great thing by picking this up, and I suggest you do the same.

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