Artist: My My
Title: Butterflies & Zebras EP
Label: Aus Music
By: Simon Jones | 4 August 2006
  • A1: Butterflies & Zebras (Original Mix)
  • B1: Moneybowl (Original Mix)
  • B2: Butterflies & Zebras (John Dahlback Mix)

My My "Butterflies & Zebras EP"

Out Now on Aus Music

Berlin production ouftit My My have been turning heads and gaining a very respectable following over the last year or so with a series of well received EPs on the excellent Playhouse imprint. The versatility that has shone through on tracks like 'Klatta' and 'Swiss On Rye' has been a breath of fresh air that will hopefully be explored further with their upcoming debut long player, also on Playhouse. In the meantime however, they've been back in the studio, knocking out remixes for Klang Elektronik and Get Physical, and have completed this latest EP entitled 'Butterflies & Zebras' for Will Saul & Fink's new Aus Music imprint.

The 'Original Mix' is a laid back house affair, deep rolling bassline and hazy pad layers underpinned by a constant if rather constricted rhythm structure. Whilst it may not venture too far off the path, choosing to stick to a safe arrangement, it's an amicable piece of house music, but doesn't quite reach the dizzy height set by some of their previous work.

'John Dahlback' provides the remix, taking the original canvas and layering in his usual snare rolls and loop percussion. If you're a fan of his own Pickadoll label, you'll know exactly what to expect, and whilst this remix is by no means innovative, its a very respectable and worthwhile addition to this EP.

The addition of an extra track, the quirky and spacious 'Moneybowl' really brings this EP together, and provides a fitting book note to the package. It may sound like 70s Sci-Fi when the synth line and melody creep in, but you cannot help but be help captive by the funky and hypnotic tendencies of this, as My My again demonstrate how they can take even the most basic of ideas and turn it into something great.

'Butterflies & Zebras' is another worthy addition to My My's rapidly growing discography, and this EP will unquestionably help to place Aus Music on the map. With upcoming releases from Swayzak's David 'Brun' Brown, and a new project from label head Will Saul on the horizon, this new label is one to watch very closely.

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