Artist: Muzzaik Presents URH Feat Zaida
Title: Work It
Label: DK House
By: Andy Dixon | 5 September 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Rene Amesz Mix

Muzzaik Presents URH Feat Zaida "Work It"

Out Now on DK House

The DK House label or alternately "Dekay" House- cleverly named after label head and DJ Matthew Dekay - is another up and coming source finding some fresh new talent. The label's second release exposes some of this fresh new talent in the form of two Hungarian DJs, Dániel Dalmady & Zsolt Milichovszki, who collectively are known as Muzziak.

Muzziak has had some success in the past with releases dating back to 2003 but this latest release called 'Work It' featuring Zaida is poised to be their best single to date. The original is sultry and smooth with a good vibe; it's pure straight house. It embodies the fluent basslines, smoky low lighting, and flowing drinks that define the house experience. Hi-hats, bongos, and a strong beat support its organs, muted horns, and subtle strings to create such an atmosphere. But it's a jazzy piano break and its rich sexy vocals that make 'Work It' stand out as an exemplary house tune.

Dutch DJ and producer Rene Amesz is responsible for the remix. A dirty deeper approach than Muzziak's original, it has a more progressive drive with further variations to the beat and techno infused effects and layering. The vocal gets full due respect as it remains the focal point of the track built around it. It grows from beneath early filtering and ends with peak repetition of the line "It is the time now". A raw synth unearths new melodies and harmonies though to help find its own forward movement.

This is a very solid release with two good but different remixes of the same track. Its versatility will help open the ears of a few more fans but anyone looking for a good house or a good progressive vocal track should look up this release.

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