Artist: Murat Uncuoglu
Title: Twisted / Shades Of Groove
Label: Fokused Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 9 November 2006
  • A: Twisted
  • B: Shades Of Groove

Murat Uncuoglu "Twisted / Shades Of Groove"

Out Now on Fokused Recordings

Murat Uncuoglu is one of Turkey's most respected DJs, hosting parties and bringing in international talent from around the world. In addition to this he co-runs the label Teknikal Rotation with fellow homeland natives Alican & Soner, and over the past few years has been steadily developing a career in production with releases on Method Records and Vapour Recordings already under his belt, which are joined by this latest AA offering for Parham's Fokused Recordings, and his second for the label.

'Twisted' is the standout of the two tracks featured, a simply constructed yet very effective tribal style house track that has already been used as a promotional tool for a Renaissance cruise in Sweden. Based around a combination of funky drum percussion loops and snares, Murat creates a deep hypnotic mood that lends itself well to the track, with some cool melody keys and rocking low end groove, this is a great track for those late night sets.

'Shades Of Groove' doesn't quite reach the same level as it's counterpart in terms of quality, though it's big room tendencies and reverberating bassline will no doubt find it some favour for those DJs who love the hypnotic, tripped out style. It's an unashamed throwback to the days of the progressive house boom a few years ago, but it works very well and will no doubt become a bridge track or "secret weapon" for those who pick up this record, even if the sound it pushes goes against the grain somewhat in today's club scene.

The release overall is somewhat of a paradox, and will either be one of those records that you will either love or hate. Whilst the boundaries aren't particularly pushed by the ideas presented here, both tracks are well polished and their ideas are carried off in fine style. For the purists trying to dodge the electro and minimal house sound and keep the progressive house sound alive, this is pure "back to basics" stuff that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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