Artist: Murat Ozer
Title: Unbound
Label: Connect Four Records
By: Nick Williams | 27 April 2007
  • A1: Unbound (Theodor Zox Mix)
  • A2: Unbound (Original Mix)
  • B1: Vicious Circles (Original Mix)
  • B2: Yip (Original Mix)

Murat Ozer "Unbound"

Out Now on Connect Four Records

For the third release since their inception, Tic Tac Toe Records’ offshoot, Connect Four Records, enlist a relative newcomer to the global dance music scene, Murat Özer. This Turkish producer has been influenced by some of the more electronic pop producers and acts in the 80's, such as Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, and Human League. That inspiration transfers to this three track EP of deep minimal tech house music. Connect Four bring on local Copenhagen producer Theodor Zox to take the remixing reigns for this project, his first for the label. With two releases on the parent label Theodor brings a sound that fits perfectly with the overall vibe of the release.

Connect Four start off strong on this EP with the Theodor Zox remix of the title track, 'Unbound'. This song is the fattest of the bunch with a solid thick bass tone. Arped bells create an ambiance here that layers well with the delayed stabs and melodic lines in the song. The round bass tone will set up well as warm up material. While the textures created are beautiful, there is a notion of dreariness, with the icy, cool swirls that are created. The melody is what creates the groove that carries the song, while the percussion builds energy slowly. I would like to see a bit more dynamic and progression from the melody work, but I think this song works well for what it is.

Next up is the title track from Murat, entitled 'Unbound'. He creates a very chilled out vibe with this track, as the atmosphere floats very slowly back and forth. The bassline is lazy and fat, with beautiful melody and voice leading between the sounds. As the song progresses you get lost in the rhythm, this song is gorgeous.

A round swelling atmosphere greets some ping-ponging percussive elements in 'Vicious Circles'. It is almost as if the ambiance is circling your head as the groove progresses along. We then launch into a deeply dubbed techno groove matching the air of the track very smoothly. The bassline changes keys along with the melodic stabs to create some beautiful textures, which then meld into a melodic arped line to take this dreamy track to its finish.

'Yip' is actually my pick of the bunch, as it showcases a great percussive groove built over cool, dubbed out chords. The song is very dynamic in its progression, and works well in building energy in your set. Icy vibes give way to a warmth and energy once the chords start to change. The electro stabs accentuate a great melody and the pad work in this song showcases some great movement in the sounds. This is summer time vibes at its best, and this one is sure to go down well over the coming months.

The 'Unbound EP' is one for those whose enjoy deep melodic grooves. While relatively cool in nature, this would fair well as early set material. Mood setting and special, this is music to stimulate conversation while you warm the club up or to relax on the beach with. While these tracks don’t really get my blood pumping, this is an excellent EP of deep melodic music. Connect Four Records seem to have a certain vibe to their music that I hope to see continue in the future, with releases and remixes from Jonny White, Cbass & Mikobene, James Teej, and Daso to come in the next few months.

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