Artist: Motorcitysoul
Title: Kazan
Label: Aus Music
By: Antonella Sirec | 1 June 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: My My Mix

Motorcitysoul "Kazan"

Out Now on Aus Music

As electronic dance music continues to evolve with time and technology, specific lines between the varying genres are becoming more and more blurred. While there are those that need to know the exact name of a certain style of music for whatever reason, from my perspective it's all relative and everything simply falls under the banner of house music. A production team that's happy to continue blurring those genre lines is Motorcitysoul and with the release of their current track 'Kazan', they once again prove why it's just easier to definite something as 'house musc' and just enjoy the beats and melodies at hand.

The Original Mix of 'Kazan' kicks things off with a hypnotic beat as a minute warbling melody is slowly drawn into the track. As the tune continues, layers of sound effects and underlying melodies are gradually added at varying sections. This manages to lend an air of detail to 'Kazan' but still remains on quite an austere tip. Moving forward, subtle high hats are introduced as the tempo begins to pick up at the halfway point. It's at this stage that the intensity of the tune fractures into a mellow breakdown before the beat kicks in again and continues to steer the track on a slightly deeper but still upbeat path that takes the track to the end. I have to say this is a very intriguing and enjoyable track. While relatively simple on the outset, it develops into a complex track that is very cohesive in nature without become overly complicated. For me, the success of this track lays not only its melodic aspects but primarily with that constant drum like beat. You can't help but be drawn towards it.

One of the darlings of the more indie side of dance music today would have be My My who find themselves on remix duties for this release. In their hands, 'Kazan' takes on a much bouncier feel while the beat taking on a filtered sound. With that beat still the backbone of this track, My My have concentrated on bringing out the more intricate nuances found within this composition as well as playing out the more housier elements of sound. Overall this is a more quirky interpretation when compared to the original but still infused with a dance floor appeal. As such, it's a very interesting and enjoyable remix that manages to twist and turn on a subtle level but never outshining the original.

Motorcitysoul are fast becoming one of my favourite production outfits in recent times and as a direct result of 'Kazan', I've been lapping up as many of their original productions and remixes as I can find. Both the original of this release and the accompanying My My Mix, represent the more interesting sides of dance music that incorporates elements of deep house and minimal with both having a more then pleasant bounce in their tempo. A very upfront release that's going to find favour with fans of both parties involved. Highly recommended.

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