Artist: Moshic
Title: Something For Your Mind
Label: Contrast Records
By: Mark Holloway | 15 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Moshic Mix

Moshic "Something For Your Mind"

Out Now on Contrast Records

Moshic Shlomi is an artist who came to the scene in 2001 with the track Asian Love, released on Cyber Records. Since that time Moshic has appeared on Pete Tong’s Essential Mix, released a number of well respected songs on labels such as Pitch Black, Nascent Recordings, and Contrast Records, and worked on close to a dozen remixes. Staying true to form, Moshic rounds out his discography with a new release titled 'Something For Your Mind'.

The 'Original Mix' occupies the A side of this release and fulfills every expectation of a Moshic production. Smooth, subtle beats are present in the start of the song and easily complimented with additional layers of airy swells, chords, and background beats as the song progresses. The real treat is the perfect hint of female-vocalist ambiences in the background while a more abrupt, almost haunting male vocal sample that repeats the very words "something for your mind" at various intervals. During the breakdown there is far less emphasis on the beats and an almost entirely different presence takes over the song in the form of atmospheric pads. This adds a nice variety to the song as it makes the track far less predictable. As the breakdown finishes, the elements that make this track a true progressive at heart are all tied back together throughout the remainder of the song. This is a fantastic tune that won’t disappoint anyone who is after a dark, melodic, and stand out progressive track.

Side B contains the 'Moshic Mix' and just when it seems nothing could out do the A side, the B side does exactly this. The beat carries itself through this mix with a slight increase in BPM for a bit more energy but still retains the darker groove that makes this song so fantastic. There is a bit less tribal feel, however the female vocals are more upfront and the ambiences pop out of the mix more abruptly. All of this is in good taste and compliments the track extremely well. The breakdown does the exact opposite of the A mix and brings the song to a new level with aggressive drum beats, stutter edits, and a synth lead that sits between the vocal phrases. All of this seems to last just long enough to keep the energy at peak flow, then the song retracts itself in near silence and returns to its more simplistic, upbeat format that was present in the beginning. This remix is very well written and is an excellent compliment to the Original Mix.

Both of these tracks deliver exactly what any Moshic listener would expect. Whether you are in search of a dark, moody, progressive sound or something that will take your set to the next level in the utmost respectable way, this release is the perfect addition.

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