Artist: Moshic
Title: Nanok / Dynamic Link
Label: Contrast Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 February 2004
  • A: Nanok
  • B: Dynamic Link

Moshic "Nanok / Dynamic Link"

Out Now on Contrast Records

Contrast Records is a new label run by leading Israeli DJ and producer Moshic. Having made an impact with his work as Argonaut over the years, alongside collaborations with fellow countrymen Zidan and Landa, not to mention his own solo projects, Moshic now aims to extend his current skills by not only showcasing some of his production work and remixes via his own label, but at the same time, signing up those lost gems from the world over that he features so often in his sets. Contrast's goal is to bring recognition to those unknown names from the darkest corners of the globe, but to start things off, Moshic has some gems of his own to unleash.

'Nanok' sticks to that tribal template that many people tend to associate with Moshic, but don't be fooled into thinking this is anything like his early work that emerged during that dark and chugging period of the progressive scene. This track has much more depth and layering, with synth percussive replacing the usual drums during the first section of the track. Eerie effects and sweeps are edged into the groove as the soundscapes evolves, with the tempo rising as a mammoth rolling bassline enters the fray, as the second half of the track sees Moshic take us down a fierce, epic path that will pound the dance floor into a quivering heap.

'Dynamic Link' moves at a much faster pace from the start, pounding drums and trippy hooks dropping us into a deep, pulsating groove where sinister sounds and chimes echo in the swelling void. A dark and foreboding mood is crafted with layered sounds and effects, before a series of subtle twists and breakbeats see the haunting melody and vocals rise up during a solid 4/4 finale that takes no prisoners.

There is nothing fluffy or laid back about this release. Both are dark and powerful productions that are very much a Moshic trademark, and the ideas presented here make them an interesting take on a sound that many people tend to shy away from, and for those who like dark early morning style sets, where all you can feel is the bass, drums and rhythm, then this new single from Moshic will be right up your alley.

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