Artist: Morgan Page Feat Astrid Suryanto
Title: Falling
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 21 July 2004
  • A1: Main Mix
  • B1: Dub Mix
  • B2: Acoustic Mix

Morgan Page Feat Astrid Suryanto "Falling"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Morgan Page is regarded to be one of best house producers in the US. His work has received plaudits from DJs such as John Digweed who has been a long time fan, in addition to others such as Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier and Hernan Cattaneo, and not to mention respected house jocks like Josh Wink, Terry Lee Brown Jnr and Kenny Hawkes. Indeed, Morgan's work breaks down genre restrictive boundaries with ease, his recent single with Gregory Shiff on Bedrock bringing his name to the attention of a lot more people than before, and now as the summer begins to heat up he returns with a new single for Saw Recordings entitled 'Falling', which sees him collaborate with Astrid Suryanto once more.

The 'Original Mix' is a sun drenched summer house track, soft percussive beats, warm rhythms and the subtle, evocative vocals of Astrid Suryanto all comprising part of what is undoubtedly one of Morgan Page's finest works to date. Slightly more commercial than one might expect compared to his works on Bedrock and Nordic Trax, but its catchy hooks and hypnotic vocal ensure its a track you will hear on the terraces, in the bars and on the radio this summer. The 'Dub Mix' strips out the vocal and takes the original into deeper techy waters, with a kicking bassline pushing things forward nicely for those who want something a bit tougher for the dancefloors.

Finally, Morgan's 'Acoustic Mix' wraps up the 12". Smokey beats and shuffling beats move us through this laid back downbeat interpretation, nudged along by the hazy guitar riffs. The entire mix is build around Astrid's vocal which is very much the main focus, and gets the chance to be admired in all it's glory.

This single is a bit different for the SAW label, but this is by no means a bad thing. Whilst it may have a somewhat commercial edge to it, this is another excellent production to come from Morgan Page, and if you liked 'All I Know' on Bedrock, then you are going to love this.

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