Artist: Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff
Title: All I Know
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 14 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: M.A.S. Collective Mix

Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff "All I Know"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Morgan Page and Gregory Shiff are two highly regarded names within the East Coast US scene. Both versatile musicians and producers who have made a name for themselves on labels such as Nordic Trax and Persona respectively, 'All I Know' sees them team up with Indonesian vocalist Astrid Suryanto for a collaboration that will astound. With Morgan's previous work being supported by John Digweed, it comes as no surprise to find this meeting of minds on Bedrock, with a track that could well redefine people's ideas of the label's direction and sound.

Subtle ambience leads gracefully into the 'Original Mix' as the dulcet tones of Astrid Suryanto introduce themselves to take us deep into the heart of the track. Big keys and warm chords affect the rolling groove that shimmers underneath in a way that will send a tingling feeling down your spine. A compacted drum solo breaks up the flow momentarily before the second vocal section slides in over the top, leading this gorgeous deep house track to it's final seconds.

Building on an almost faultless track is never easy, but if anyone can do so, it would have to be Italy's 'M.A.S. Collective'. They take the track into deeper and darker territory, with some eerie melody lines being dropped into the centre of the track. Tech-edged percussive layers entwine themselves into the groove as a chunky bassline pushes the sounds forward, the original's big melodic hook being seconded by some warm sub bass effects that drive it to the next level, with a peaktime floorfiller being the ultimate result.

Two very strong mixes on what is undoubtedly one of Bedrock's finest moments of 2003. Not something you perhaps would have associated with the label a few months ago, but if this is part of a new diversity for the label, then I'm all for it. A record worth owning.

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