Artist: Moguai
Title: Get:On
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Punx Motorcycle Edit

Moguai "Get:On"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Moguai returns hot on the heels of 'U Know Y', which was released earlier this year on Hope after an impressive tenure oversees. The follow up, 'Get:On' is another big room influenced track that places its basis around huge basslines and monster riffs. Already this has followed in the footsteps of the previous single with an 'Essential New Tune' accolade. Hype or tripe? Let's find out..

Tight beats and guitar riffs edge us into the 'Original Mix', descending into a bassline compromised of soft breakbeats as the guitar riff stabs and builds over the top. When the 'let's get it on' vocal kicks in the track takes on a whole new dimension, gnarling guitars crashing against the cut up grooves that slide underneath, fading to a solo before building one last time into a massive vocal breakdown, with the resounding filthy outro smashing through key changes and distorted feedback with reckless abandon.

The 'Punx Motorcycle Edit' takes things a bit easier, starting off with some deep sounds and slow beats complimented by a vocal intro which harnasses the energy of the track and unleashes it as the main section kicks in, with emphasis on the rock guitar that layers like a soundclash but thrashes with emotion and raw energy. Not too far departed from the original, but a nice rework nonetheless.

Moguai looks set to become one of the main artists within Hope's stable based on the accolades and success he has been getting. It will be interesting to see how this affects Hope's dominance on the music scene over the coming months.

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