Artist: Moguai
Title: Get:On (DJ Hyper Mix)
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 12 August 2003
  • A: Radio Edit
  • B: Hyper Mix

Moguai "Get:On (DJ Hyper Mix)"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Hope continue to push the Moguai side, aiming for not only the festivals but the dance charts and further still. Following on from the original 12" comes this remix 12", featuring a remix from the newest addition to Hope's management roster, the man known as DJ Hyper.

Sitting on the a-side is the 'Radio Edit' of the original, keeping things as they were, focusing on the big guitar riff and vocal and adding an intriguing dialogue to the track. Whether this will be enough to get it over with the those who dont follow the dance scene remains to be seen, but it's here as filler if nothing else.

Of course it's the 'Hyper Mix' that is the main focus here, and he takes things to the next level with his breakbeat re-interpretation. Tight beats are the course of the day, served up as a starter and then into a main course of delayed vocals and filtered guitar loops, which grow in prominence as the mix progresses. Electronic synth sounds and breakbeat rhythms keep this ballsy mix rocking, topping off another fine remix from Mr Hatfield nicely.

The only buying point for this 12" is of course Hyper's mix, and whilst it makes the track more accessible to the breakbeat community, it's debatable whether what is essentially a one sided package is worth the asking price. Decide with your own wallet.

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