Artist: Mode II
Title: Loudbasis EP
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 28 April 2004
  • A1: Loudbasis
  • B1: Alcanada
  • B2: Red Carpet

Mode II "Loudbasis EP"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Having previously released material on Alola, Marco Haarmaans & Sander Baumann, the duo known as Mode II now make their debut on Deep Focus with the 'Loudbasis EP'. With two singles to their credit already, this is their first set of productions in sometime, and marks the beginning of an extended relationship with the label.

The title track 'Loudbasis' is a brooding tech inspired track that does it's talking with big nasty beats and hooks, which rise up out of the restrained groove that shuffles underneath. Consistent percussive rhythms flow through the centre, with the overall track having a marching vibe that pushes forward, only changing as the beats intensify heading into a drop nearer the end.

Over on the flip are the other two tracks on the EP. 'Alcanda' is an awesome summery melodic piece that is the perfect mood builder with it's warm, expanding stabs and floaty harmonies, but the pick of the bunch is 'Red Carpet' which is an energetic and pumping journey through the world of techy progressive sounds, and it's floating effects, chord riffs and subtle bassline really do have to be heard to be appreciated, so be sure to check it out.

In comparison to the other releases on Deep Focus, this EP doesn't quite live up to the quality standard, but the two tracks on the b-side more than make up for the short fallings of the title track, with the next release to come from none other than Subsky which should hopefully readdress the balance somewhat.

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