Artist: Moshic
Title: The Myth Of Osiris EP
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 8 December 2003
  • A: Part One
  • B: Part Two

Moshic "The Myth Of Osiris EP"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

Having launched in grand fashion with remixes of the 1996 track 'I Am' by Chakra receiving huge support, the next release now appears from the new 3 Beat Breaks label. Whilst Moshic is not a name that is perhaps normally associated with the breakbeat sound, with many of his earlier productions emerging from the dark tribal genre, the 'Myth Of Osiris' looks set to dispel that stigma, and then some..

If you were expecting dark nu skool sounds, then you might be a little surprised as when you feast your ears on 'Part One' of the EP. Some shape shifting beats rumble at the heart of the track, with a drifting melody spinning in and out of the groove, intertwined with a haunting middle eastern vocal. In fact this is far removed from Moshic's previous work, with all the emotion of the Gladiator theme and subtle melodies that Hans Zimmer would be proud of all sitting within one gorgeous track that is as elegant as it is devastating, whilst proving that he is no one trick pony.

'Part Two' takes a tougher stance, with swirling melodies very reminiscent of Evolution's early productions easing us into a heavy bassline which flows along in loose fashion. Beats ripple across the groove, dropping like bombs across a barren desert aseastern melodies rise out of the carnage as the onslaught continues. An evocative vocal soundtracks the entire experience, and the overall mix has a distinct Northern Exposure style edge, which is by no means a bad thing.

Whilst the 'Myth Of Osiris' isn't revealed here, another myth that has been put to rest is the fact that Moshic is synonymous with the tribal sound of 2001. This EP proves that you cannot write him off so easily, and when added to his recent recognition by DJ Magazine, suggests that the myth may soon become legend in his own right.

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