Artist: Moshic Feat The Lion
Title: Nothing Wrong
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 16 October 2003
  • A: Highway 69 Mix
  • B: Everything's Wrong Mix

Moshic Feat The Lion "Nothing Wrong"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

Mo Shic is an extremely talented producer and DJ. His driving beats, chugging basslines, and pretty textures paint a lovely picture and carry a movement. With many releases behind him, he has a strong fan base among DJs and fan’s alike. His next single 'Nothing Wrong’ is the latest release on Nascent Recordings, and is a heavy vocal laden tune that’s currently wreaking havoc on floors all over the world.

The 'Highway 69 Mix' is a driving vocal monster. Heavy hitting drums lead in, along with crystal clear high hats and metallic sounds. A male vocal hook creeps in over the sounds, whilst another voice sample delays in the background. A high-pitched synth looms in, the chugging sounds taking you deeper and deeper as we head pff into a break, where the synths change and move in time building and building, led by the vocal. A nice sweepy break ensues that kicks right back into the driving rhythm to bring the mix to an end.

Meanwhile the 'Everything's Wrong Mix' starts up with the driving drums, nice highs, and a looping rhythm created from the voice. The bassline is huge and funky, as layers of vocal move around each other, and some acid lines bubble in the background. The synths start to move in, as we pop into the break. The voices twist around each other along with the synths and bubbling sounds. A nice rhythmic break unfolds and then we pop back into the funky drums, making little stops along the way to the end.

Nascent keeps their reputation strong with this release. A great tune for very big club moments. Moshic is always on top form, and this is just another gem of floor devastation.

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