Artist: Mitch Wells Feat Nica Ionz
Title: Where I
Label: DK Records
By: Simon Jones | 27 August 2004
  • A: Chris & Kai Vs Levin Vocal Mix
  • B: Chris & Kai VS Levin Instrumental Mix

Mitch Wells Feat Nica Ionz "Where I"

Out Now on DK Records

After treating us to a massive debut release with his friends The Proluctors, Matthew Dekay introduces us to Mitch Wells for the second releases on his new DK Records label. Having been part of the New York club scene for the past decade as a label owner and DJ, Mitch has also found time on occasion to put his hand to some production work and having had a series of releases on some domestic labels close to home now finds himself on DK with the track 'Where I', with his good friends Chris, Kai and Levin providing the mixes.

The 'Vocal Mix' is a massive bass led house track, with the vocal provided by Mitch Wells own occasional vocalist Nica Ionz. Funky rhythms and sweeping atmospherics create a deep and cavernous void which the bassline works it's way through in grand fashion, making a statement before the vocal is even brought into the mix. Once this occurs, nice zoned out synths help to create some intensity behind the overall groove, and giving this the killer edge it needed to be a true dancefloor monster.

The 'Chris & Kai Vs Levin Instrumental' is pretty much more of the same, minus the vocal and with the dynamics tweaked and the whole track beefed up for maximum effect, and whether you use it on it's own or as an extended mix into it's counterpart, this mix more than holds its own, whilst providing an alternative for those with an aversion to vocal tracks.

Needless to say, what we have here are two very impressive remixes that deserve a place in any self respecting jock's record box, and whilst not quite up there with the amazing debut by Dekay and friends, continues the run of quality for DK Records in fine fashion.

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