Artist: Minilogue Vs Kab
Title: Join The Minikab
Label: Feed Me Records
By: Chloe Harris | 30 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chris Cargo Mix

Minilogue Vs Kab "Join The Minikab"

Out Now on Feed Me Records

Feed Me Records is a brand new label from lovely Lisbon, Portugal. Their focus will be on progressive, techy, and trancey beats, produced by some of the world’s biggest talents. Their first release is a great tune by Minilogue Vs Kab. Swedish producers Minilogue have recently had releases out on Baroque and SOG, which gained support from the big jocks and bedroom listeners alike. Kab is Karl-Axel Bissler who lends a hand in the studio turning knobs. ‘Join The Minikab’ is a smooth progressive cut with a great deeper house mix by Chris Cargo on the flip.

The 'Original Mix' is a nice progressive track. Warm melodies and groovy percussion lead the way into a nice moving bassline. Ambient sounds swim above, while a smooth female voice sample comes in, softly and real sounding, with just a touch of trippy effects. We fall into an orchestral breakdown with swooping synths and wonderful tones. A gritty distorted lead comes in, and slithers through the rhythm. This is an amazing tune that will work wonders on the dancefloor.

The flipside features a remix by Irish DJ 'Chris Cargo'. Known for his deep tribal house sets from Ibiza and beyond, his remix has a deeper vibe than the original. Percussion starts in with shakers, toms, and nice highs, as a murky low bass comes up underneath. Dreamy tones roll over the drums, while a cut up vocal sample is dropped ever so slightly in. This is a really cool remix that could drop into a warm up set perfectly.

Feed Me Records starts out on the right foot with a big release from Minilogue Vs. Kab, and a great remix by Chris Cargo. Forthcoming releases will come from Moshic, Kasey Taylor, and many others.

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