Artist: Minilogue
Title: Leloo
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mike Hiratzka Mix

Minilogue "Leloo"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Minilogue last appeared on Baroque in 2002 with the massive 'In A Deeper Motion', which went on to become one of the label's biggest releases that year. Since then they have been tucked away working on new material and now return to the label to start off 2004 with a bang, with a welcome return to the label with the label with a stunning new single called 'Leloo', which looks set to put them back on the map as we kick off the new year.

The 'Original Mix' is big, in typical Minilogue style. Vibrating drums and deep synths weave their way through a hypnotising percussive groove as the track slowly develops, before the trademark analogue bass this duo have become renowned for takes over. Big synth hooks rise out of the sublime and moody groove, with drum fills pushing the tempo faster and harder. When the twisted break hits, watch the floor bounce. Another big room mix from the Swedish duo.

For the remix, US dj and producer 'Mike Hiratzka' makes a rare appearance and strips things down slightly, taking a more melodic route from the start before injecting a drifting funky bassline into the fray. A solid progressive groove sits at the centre of the mix, but Mike adds enough interesting sounds and effects to give it a different vibe, with a gorgeous breakdown to boot! A solid remix by a producer who's profile is going only one way in 2004, and that's up...

Baroque end 2003 and start 2004 on a high, and if they can put out material like this consistently throughout the year, then expect them to dominate as they seem to be in tune with the rapid evolvement and changes that have occurred in recent weeks and months, ensuring that they stay one step ahead.

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