Artist: Mikrokosmos
Title: Two Places
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 29 March 2004
  • A: Absolut & Greed Mix
  • B: Absolut & Greed Re-Edit

Mikrokosmos "Two Places"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Vapour's artist roster has steadily been reaching further and further across the globe away from the label's Australian roots, and it's 2004 release schedule is testament to that fact, this particular release homegrown in Switzerland. Mikrokosmas is producer Martin Knecht and here his track 'Two Places' gets reworked by the dynamic duo of Andre Absolut and Greed.

Their 'Remix' is a smooth and shimmering cut, tight progressive grooves and a bassline to die for floating amongst warm effects and squelchy analogue-esque sounds. Subtle stutter effects send ripples through the arranged beats, building to a massive futuristic breakdown where a filtered vocal effect comes into play momentarily, before the the pads and effects edge back in for the zoned out final section.

For the 'Re-Edit', Absolut & Greed create a deeper mood, tough beats and minor melodies leading in before a lazy bassline and laid back percussion take over. Swirling atmospheres, rapid key changes and a drifting melody all come together to deliver a stunning set building cut that will fit into a set in almost chameleon fashion.

Once again, Vapour deliver the goods, and with a solid release schedule set up for much of 2004, watch as it's international profile soars higher and higher.

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