Artist: Mid Atlantic Science
Title: The Seventh Day / Back To It / Move
Label: Fracas Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 5 August 2003
  • A1: The Seventh Day
  • B1: Back To It
  • B2: Move

Mid Atlantic Science "The Seventh Day / Back To It / Move"

Out Now on Fracas Recordings

Fracas co-owners Alex Seigle-Morris and Aaron Curts brought out a superb single called 'Crazy Circus' at the start of the year, and now return with their latest bunch of tracks which they have been crafting over the last few months. A mixture of breaks, house and straight forward 4/4, the lead track 'The Seventh Day' is reason enough to check this out, but there's a lot more to it than just that , as we find out..

As soon as the first beats of 'The Seventh Day' kick into action, you get the feeling this is going to be something special. Atmospheric synthlines flicker away in the background as driving beat patterns crash heavily into the soundscape being created. Throw in some massive sweeps that overpower everything else, leading you into a set of massive drops each time and already this is one serious dancefloor monster, but when the 'close your eyes' vocals filter through the surface, the emotion overpowers you and batters your mind into next week, as the nu skool hooks dent your soul. Emotive atmospheric dynamite, and those of you who like your prog breaks will wet yourself with delight when you here this.

'Back To It' brings things back to a more laid back place, blending rattling percussion and shaker drums to create a unique twist to the deep house groove. Jackin house beats and the hypnotic 'back to it' vocal compliment the warm underlying chords perfectly, and this little gem would sound great in a warm up or afterhours scenario.

And there's still more, as 'Move' finishes off the single. The most progressive edged cut of the three, it starts with a gorgeous piano melody, and soon switches to a dirty 4/4 groove fuelled by analogue effects and subtle changes which move towards a broken beat style section and into a smooth upbeat finale. Proper end of night goodness.

It's not often you get three tracks that stand out but this single has three tight little numbers that will do the business for you on the dancefloor. Mid Atlantic Science's last single was a blinder, and this my friends is a belter which you need to check out the first chance you get.

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