Artist: Mid Atlantic Science
Title: Crazy Circus / Numbers
Label: Fracas Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 18 February 2003
  • A: Crazy Circus
  • B: Numbers

Mid Atlantic Science "Crazy Circus / Numbers"

Out Now on Fracas Recordings

Following on from the release of Dan Goodall's 'Summit', Fracas Recordings returns with it's next release. This time, Mid Atlantic Science, aka Fracas bosses Aaron Curtis and Alex Seigle-Morris return with the follow up to 'Livin' which was the label's fourth release, with a AA side of fresh cuts. So let's find out what 'Crazy Circus' and 'Numbers' have to offer.

'Crazy Circus' wastes no time in getting down to business as it's rough shod percussion succumbs to a large rolling synth that surfs atop the deep sub bassline that runs below. As everything meshes together in a cascading array of sound and sublime effects, the bottom end drops out leaving the riff to slowly edge it's way back in, each wave of sound layers against the groove with the smoothest finish possible. One of those tracks that will leave people simply asking 'what the f*ck was that*.

'Numbers' doesn't do things by the book, as it's name might suggest, but instead goes for a more rough around the edges approach to house, a haphazard beat percussion combo falling together with no control, heading into deep tech house territory with a subtle and warm melody filling things out nicely. Not quite as immedieate in it's appeal as 'Crazy Circus', but equally worth a listen.

Watch out for forthcoming material from Conceptual and yet more material from Mid Atlantic Science as we head further into 2003, but in the meantime, enjoy this utterly superb cut.

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