Artist: Mick Burns
Title: See Me Fall
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 August 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Bart Van Wissen Spring Mix
  • B2: Ambient Mix
  • C1: Matthew Dekay Vs Proluctors Trousy Mix
  • D1: Bart Van Wissen Breaking The Fall Mix

Mick Burns "See Me Fall"

Out Now on Deep Records

It's been a little over three years since Deep Records first release hit the shelves, and since then the label's life story could very much be classed as a fairytale. Whilst many labels have risen and fallen in a period where the dance music world has slumped, file sharing has become increasingly prevalent and many established names have thrown in the towel, Deep Records has persisted, and from it's simple beginnings has slowly built itself up into one of the most consistent and forward thinking labels anywhere in the world. With the inspirational leader Peter Van Hal at the helm, the label now hits its 20th release. This new single from the young and highly talented Mick Burns entitled 'See Me Fall' exemplifies not only his talent, but the legacy of the label, with many of it's artists contributing to this prestigious release.

The 'Original Mix' is vintage Mick Burns. Deep chords, smooth grooves and thick bass comprise the main elements of this chunky progressive house track, with the trademark Burns filtered bass giving the track a cool washed out effect. The vocal is also provided by Mick, and if you were a fan of his tracks 'Corrective Tones' and 'A Thought About You', then you will instantly fall in love with this as he excels himself and delivers his finest performance to date. The chord progression is excellent and bass gives the track it's hypnotic and addictive appeal which will have you coming back for more and more.

Bart Van Wissen's 'Spring Mix' is the first of two remixes he's done for this landmark package, taking a four to the floor direction on this particular mix. Chunky rhythms and percussion develop into a huge, brooding soundscape that expands, moving into a techy direction during the latter moments of the mix, with the melodies rising through to give it that extra punch it requires.

Mick's own 'Ambient Mix' strips the original down to it's vocal and melody and is a accompanied by a stirring piano line that will pluck at the heartstrings. Mick's vocal takes on a more emotional context within this mix, and with the carefully placed chords and strings, this has all the hallmarks of a classic that you will be hearing over and over again in the years to come, across the White Isle and beyond.

Disc Two of the double pack is headed by a collaborative remix between 'Matthew Dekay' and 'The Proluctors'. Having collaborated on the debut release for Matthew's own DK Records label, the trio come together to deliver a massive remix that is quite possibly the best of the package. A deep groove provides the canvas for big basslines, intricate percussive rhythms and emotive chords, as the mix fuses elements of trance and house into a seamless, upbeat and emotive big room remix, the first production from these guys that showcases a sound they call 'Trousy', and no matter what it's called, it's a winning formula that hopefully we will be hearing more of in the coming months.

The final mix is Bart Van Wissen's second. Taking a different direction than he forged with his 'Spring Mix', the 'Breaking The Fall Mix' takes us on a subtle journey through deep progressive breaks. Ethereal sounds, floating pads and cool atmospherics ride over some understated beats, melodic keys lifting the mood through the first half of the mix, letting the awesome bassline take hold whilst Mick's vocal rises to the surface, and its here where this understated mix becomes a wonderful rugged breakbeat epic, and a brilliant mix to end the package with.

'See Me Fall' hints at a new direction for the future career of Mick Burns, and bookends a chapter in Deep Records' short life at the same time. From here, the future is unknown, but if one constant is certain, is that whilst Deep will always be renewing itself and redeveloping, it's championing of the stars of not only today, but tomorrow will continue for some time to come.

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